How to deal with Smishing SMS messages scam

The advice not is fooled by Smishing fake SMS messages. Remember this:

  • Non of GOVT agencies, Banks and other legitimate Business will ever ask for personal financial info through SMS messages.
  • Take your time, SMS message scam work by making a false sense of rapidly demanding a hurry response
  • Never touch on any kind of links or call ant cell numbers in unsolicited SMS message or E-mail message.
  • Do not reply in any way to Smishing SMS messages, even to ask the dispatcher to leave you lonely. Responding identifies that your cell number is active, that tells the scammer to remain trying.
  • Delete the SMS message from your cell
  • Do your research, some research on internet can save your several dollars
  • Anti-malware apps are avail for a lot of mobiles. The tradeoff might be decreased battery power, so check with your cell service giver or mobile manufacturer for suggestions.
  • When you receive an SMS promising you a 5,000 USD gift card, ask yourself, would anyone truly give me that? Know, too. That banks and other companies do not send customers this kind of SMS messages.