Here are some major tips to help you spot SMS or Text message scam:

A lot of banks do not send SMS messages because they do not wish to people to fall for Smishing attacks or scams. If they do they send SMS messages might apply spoofed alias digits which look like they are from your bank, so you'd remain to be skeptical and not answer straightly. Get in touch with your bank at their usual customer service number see if the SMS was legit or not.

Mail to SMS message services often lists short numbers like 5000 or a few other numbers which are not a mobile number as for where delivered from. Smishing scammers are likely to shape their ID by applying Mail to SMS message services so that their real mobile number is not revealed.

If the SMS message material fits into one of the fears lists above, be more skeptical. If it's threatening in any manner to you or your family and friends quickly report it to your service provide authorities or cybercrime agencies.

If it's in truth your bank messaging you, then they'd know perfectly what you are saying about when contact them applying for the Mobile number to your recent statement. If they say there're no problems with your account, then Text message obviously bogus.

  • Be careful of text messages that have a number which says it's from 5000 or any others
  • Review your credit card Company's and Bank's policy on sending SMS messages
  • Ask yourself if the doubtful SMS preys on the threats mentioned above
  • Not at all reply to doubtful SMS message without doing any research and identifying the source.

Can anything be done to stop Smishing Messages from reaching you? Here are a few key steps you can take to remain the Smishers at bay: